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Bowler of the Quarter

Aaron Stigberg

The Mortal Wombats, Pantheon and Wombat Mother were all names of Timber Lanes’ worst bowling team. Like the New Orleans Saints, not only had they never won anything, they hadn’t come close. Wives and girlfriends started to wear bags on their heads when they watched. But that all changed last quarter when unsung hero Aaron Stigberg rolled a clutch 220 in the clinching series against Trouble. That’s 65 pins over the loquacious lefty’s season average. Gods be praised. All of them.

Bowler Bawler of the Year

Alden Almagro

After several months of suffering from the first ever Bowler of the Year jinx, Alden is finally off the hook and is now the Bawler of the Year. His teammates can’t handle any more games near 120 and he really deserves to cash in on at least one strike pot. I hope this fixes things for you Alden.